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Dedicated to the development of young learners minds through flashcard based practice.

Online Learning with eLearning Flashcards

Interactive E-Learning for Kids

An e-learning website dedicated to the development of young learners’ skills through effective and cutting-edge online education, including flashcards and learning games for kids. Every child has the ability to learn and our goal is to tap into their potential through engaging flashcards that will captivate every child’s mind in an environment of their choice. We offer a convenient way to help children master skills in a fun environment with rewards around every corner.

Our E-learning Flashcards program dedicated to students, parents and teachers to maximize the learning potential for each individual.  Glenn Doman, a pioneer in global brain development for children with brain injuries proves through the use of the Doman method at the Institute, “the brain grows by use.” Doman believes children are all born with genius potential and accelerating their learning improves their potential. Inspired by his methods, our site features electronic flashcards. This concept has proven to be a successful way to teach children. Our flashcards don’t merely show a picture of something, we also have audio and written words, allowing for a deeper comprehension.

Effective Online Learning for Kids

Based on the concept of learning through memorization and repetition. Child development experts agree that we have enormous untapped potential with education beginning at an early age. Our brains are stimulated with memory flashcards, bringing out the utmost potential in everyone for success. The brain of a child grows at a rapid pace. At birth, children have nearly all of their neurons. The brain doubles in size during the first year of life, and by age 3, it will have reached 80 percent of its adult volume. Dr. Makoto Shichida, a global leader in revolutionizing how we understand the brain capabilities of children said, “after succeeding to activate the right brain abilities, children can learn things quite easily in any school.”

Our site offers information disbursement through audio cues coupled with digital flashcards in varying categories and age levels. We are educating in a manner which ensures your child will absorb more information with long-term retain ability. “Every child has a different learning style and pace. Each child is unique, not only capable of learning but also capable of succeeding.” –Robert John Meehan

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  • "As a homeschool mom, these flashcards really allowed me to make the most of the homeschooling experience for my children."

    Sally, Home School Mom

  • "I really love how the kids in my fifth-grade class took to eLearning Flashcards. They love going through all the different subjects and finding new things they are interested in."

    Ginger, Elementary School Teach

  • "School can be hard. But, I really enjoyed getting additional information for many of my high school classes. Plus, the SAT prep was excellent! "

    Tanner, 11th Grader

We Pay it Forward

For every set of flashcards that you complete, we will donate that same set of flashcards to a child in the developing world.

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