August 4, 2019
5 Ways for Homeschool Teachers to Start the Year off Strong

We have compiled a list of 5 ways for homeschool teachers to  start the year off strong.

  1. Organize your work area: Take the time to organize and restock the learning spaces in your home and you’ll reap productivity benefits throughout the rest of the year. An added benefit: you may have an easier time keeping your house clean and free from the impact on homeschool activities.

    As you organize, consider systems that make it easy for kids to clean up after themselves. Start simple with a caddy to organize pens, pencils, markers, crayons, glue, scissors and other supplies. Also look for stacking trays for papers and hard copy workbooks and ways to keep electronic devices tidy

  2. Structure time and schedules for the new year: The start of a new school year is a good time to think about what you want to accomplish and what kind of daily and weekly schedule will support your learning goals. Be careful of overscheduling but try to keep things varied. Also, be sure to plan for breaks both for yourself and for your children. You’re taking on a lot with homeschooling and are managing both school schedules but meal planning, cooking, home making and other errands. Learning is a lot for your kids too. Taking a break will help both of you to be more productive.
  3. Get input from your children: As you plan for schedules, learning tasks and field trips, take the time to ask your kids for input. Consider what they would like to learn and how they’d like to approach tasks. If kids have some input into what they do they’ll be more engaged and, possibly, more motivated when asked to do challenging tasks. They also may even present you with a good idea that you hadn’t considered.
  4. Reconnect to other homeschool families: The new year is the perfect time to connect to the larger homeschool community. Talk about work planning, organization, field trips that can be done jointly, and shared afterschool activities, ways to communicate with each other to share ideas, and more. You also may also want to hold a party, picnic or other get together to start the school year off with excitement.
  5. First day/week tips: There are a couple of things that you can do that will make the first days of the year off as strong as possible. To start, it is likely you’ve continued your learning in some format over the summer. As your regular schedule kicks off, recap anything you have learned over the summer that can be connected to what you’re planning to learn in the next few months. In addition, connect students to the accomplishments they’d earned at the end of the last school year.


There is also a lot of structure you can implement to start things off right. Provide kids with  an overview of your daily schedule and talk through the  goals for what you want to do. Lastly, talk to them about field trips. Get them excited about them and show them how they talk through objectives.