July 16, 2018
Getting Ready For the Fall

Back to School Tips


Thinking about getting ready to head back to the classroom can be a little daunting. The freedom of summer is so nice and relaxing, it’s understandable that the shift back into the structure and curriculum of the school year can be a little overwhelming. Thankfully, it doesn’t have stay that way. With a few tips, you can ease you and your child back into Fall mode and get ready to kick off the school year in the best way possible!


During the summer months, you may have let the schedule slide. Why wouldn’t you? As the summer winds down, it helps to start making things more structured little by little. Move bedtimes closer to what they will be during the school year. Eat meals at set times that will make sense with the school schedule whenever possible. Start to look at the schedule your kids will be dealing with come back to school time and see if there are other ways you can adjust your home schedule to help make that transition easier.


Summer can get a little hectic, so taking the time to organize can make a big difference in starting the school year right. Clean bedrooms, set a place for your children to be able to do work, and get all the school supplies they’ll need in order and ready to go well ahead of time. Having an organized space your kiddos know is their spot to do their work will help them stay motivated and have a clear mind when it’s time to work on those school projects again.

Be Excited

Saying goodbye to summer and putting on the backpack for the fall can be a little scary! Encourage your children and make them feel excited about heading back to the classroom. Talk about all they hope to learn, accomplish, and get involved with this year. Have them write it down and at the end of the year they can look back and compare what they hoped would happen with what actually happened, and celebrate all their accomplishments together!

There’s no denying that heading back to school is a big task. The key to staying motivated and excited is encouragement, preparation, and structure. As you know, getting started on the right foot is important, so taking a little extra time as the summer days dwindle down is one of the best things you can do to help your little student succeed!