April 16, 2019
Easter Traditions for Your Family

With Easter right around the corner, many of us are scrambling to figure out what types of things we can do for our children to ensure that they have a memorable and fun holiday. Many of us already have traditions that have been passed on from our parents and their parents before them that we implement each year with our own families. I know that I for one, am always curious to find fun, new ideas that I can do with my family because as my children grown older, so does their idea of what is fun or entertaining. We still absolutely love decorating Easter eggs and always try to find new designs or ideas on sites such as Pinterest that we can try to replicate. Last year, we decorated some gorgeous glitter coated Easter eggs that my girls spent hours perfecting and we probably spent the rest of the Spring season finding random specs of glitter all throughout our home!

In the past, when my girls were a little younger, we would always “grow” magic jelly beans. We would plant them in the dirt outside and the Easter bunny would always come and replace them with colorful lollipops before he hid Easter eggs around the house.  Now that my girls are a little older, one new idea that was suggested to me was to plant an Easter garden using colorful blooming flowers, such as marigolds, tulips or pansies. This is something that my whole family can participate in and not only will it be a fun Easter activity, but it will be something that we can watch grow throughout the summer!

Every year, we do a special scavenger hunt for the “Prize Eggs” for each child after they rummage through their baskets and hunt the eggs that the Easter Bunny hid for them. We learned a long time ago that having just one Prize Egg does not work at all. To us, the day is supposed to be about family and fun and time together, not tears and fits and jealousy. After the first year of it being very unsuccessful with only one grand prize winner, we decided to customize a scavenger hunt for each girl. It usually only takes them about ten minutes to complete but it is something they have looked forward to every year since they were 3 and 5. We bought the very large eggs from Hobby Lobby and have reused them every year!  Typically, the prize eggs have some sort of special candy, maybe a couple dollars and something they are interested in. Last year, they were both into slime, so we put a couple Easter themed items like that into each egg. It is fun for us to plan the scavenger hunt and it is fun for the girls to find their prizes.

Every year following our egg hunt, we gather around the table for a traditional family meal. The best part about the Easter meal compared to all the other holidays, is that every member of the family has a job. Usually the girls will do desserts, dad does the meat, and I take care of all the side dishes. We all cook together, eat together and clean the kitchen together. One new tradition that I read about and would like to introduce this year following our meal is the Easter Egg Time Machine. Simply have your child write a letter to themselves that can be placed inside a plastic egg that they can open and read the following year. It sounds like a great idea for them to look back at what they were thinking about or doing when they were a year younger! This is something that they can do forever, that parents can save forever and read each Easter and eventually pass along to their grandchildren! Regardless of what your traditions are, enjoy your family, the Spring and the Easter holiday!