September 1, 2018
First Day Jitters

That first day of school is looming.

First Day Jitters 


 Prior to school beginning, stores fill with clothes, accessories, and supplies.  Such merchandise is often quite exhilarating, especially in choosing which color backpack to buy and whether this is the year that a box of crayons with more than sixteen is allowed.  However, such purchases are those that can easily disguise the reality of summer coming to a close and a long school year is vastly approaching.


First day jitters are quite common.  In fact, not only are they common for children, but also for adults – parents, teachers, administrators, etc.  New beginnings pose concerns and challenges.  They can lead to much questioning that will undoubtedly consume the mind with unending doubts.  However, it is important to realize that with new beginnings, come new excitements and adventures.


Such jitters can be avoided.  However, everyone must lend a hand to alleviate any stresses or additional anxieties to help make this first day, the best first day!


Teachers – Teachers must remember the importance of designing their learning environment in positive ways to make children recognize the classroom as a home away from home.  The more time spent designing, creating, and decorating, the more students will feel comfortable.  It is also important to establish a bright, colorful, and inviting atmosphere where children feel safe and positive.  The classroom will be part of the first day impressions both students and their parents will have of the teacher.  So, be sure to have fun, rock out, and put in your best effort!


Parents/Teachers – There are many wonderful books to read to your child about the upcoming school year, especially those regarding the first day of school.   One book that comes to mind is “First Day Jitters.”  This book tells a story about a girl who does not want to attend the first day of school, at all.  The book begins by making the reader assume that the girl is a student.  However, by the end of the story, you quickly learn that this girl is actually Mrs. Hartwell, a teacher who had much difficulty overcoming concerns and worries, similar to those of a student.  Needless to say, this book proves to be an excellent choice, as it conveys that everyone gets nervous, even adults.


It is important to recognize that jitters are going to always be present with any “firsts” one may experience in life from childhood through to adulthood.  However, it is important to remember that every start has the capability of presenting itself as a new opportunity.