April 9, 2019
Methods in Math

Methods In Math

For a lot of students math is their most challenging subject. The numbers get confusing and if they can’t get one problem right, then they feel like they will never succeed. Finding methods in math to make it more fun and enjoyable can really help a student to succeed. If you show students that math can be fun and it’s ok to mess up as long as they try again, you are helping them to build a solid math foundation that they will use for the rest of their lives.


Make it meaningful

When teaching to the students, relating the topic to something the student is interested in can go a long way. When doing addition and subtraction, simply using numbers may confuse the student. By adding or subtracting objects the students like, they may be more interested in what you are learning. If a student likes shopping, relating percentages to sales at the store can get the student more invested!


Start with concrete examples

Having concrete examples in math can make the subject much more clear in the students mind. Doing fractions can be tough to think of abstractly as only parts of numbers. But if you take an orange and cut it into fourths, the student is able to physically see the fractions. The more hands on and real life examples you can bring to the classroom, the faster the students will be able to pick up the concept.


Use real world problem

Using real world problems can be an excellent way to help you students learn. Often times in math class you will hear a student say, “Yeah, and when will i ever use this again?” Showing the students how math is applicable in the real world can help them see how important it is to learn the subject. Getting discounts at stores requires students to have an understanding of percentages. When you are baking you may need to double or half a recipe. In order to do this students need to know how to work with fractions. You use math when changing the temperature from Fahrenheit to Celsius or when calculating how much gas you will need on a road trip. Math gets used every day, and you as the teacher can show that to the students.


Engaging your math students can sometimes seem like a daunting task. They don’t understand, so they don’t want to put the work in. Helping the students to see math in a different lights can set them up with a solid foundation and get them on the right track to succeed.