National Holidays

National Holidays

Contributor Name: Brittany Johnson

Degree: Bachelor's of Social Sciences

Grade Level(the card set meets the requirement for): Kindergarten 

Subject(for example, science-life science): Social Studies

Known Standards flashcard set meets: SSKH1 

Topic of Flashcard Set(title of the flashcard set): Identify the national holidays and describe the people and/or events celebrated.

Flow of the Set: randomized or in order, 1 card (each card in the set is individual) or 2 cards (example: word and picture that would always play back to back even if the set is randomized)

In order/ 1 card

Explanation: (In 1 – 3 sentences explain the flashcard set you are creating)

For this flashcard set, the cards have a picture that best represents the holiday listed and the next card tells general facts about the holiday.

Choose randomization:  

My flashcards can not be randomized.

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