Parents Are The Key to Their Child's Success

We help parents to nurture their children’s full potential and teach their children to learn concepts that will advance them whether they are in school or homeschooled.

Opportunity to Engage With Your Children

These flashcards are an ideal way for parents to have a hands on learning tool at their finger tips to share flashcards with their learners and help your child master skills and celebrate their successes. You can customize your students learning to match school based topics and help students master concepts through repetition of card sets. We are constantly adding new car sets to ensure your child has a diverse and engaging experience with our site.

Convenient When You Are on the Go

We are devoted to giving your young learner a quality-learning tool that fits into your lifestyle. This is a convenient way to excite students. When parents are engaged in our daily activities of life this gives children an opportunity for exciting learning through vibrant flashcards that they get to select. The student customizes their own learning according to their interests. Empowering students to choose what they get to learn is an effective way toward their mastering skills. They become confident and proficient at skills with a simple click.

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Success is Around Every Corner

Your child stays engaged as they are rewarded for their success. Whether the reward is for time spent or concepts mastered, our concept is designed to engage students in their own success for learning. Children walk away not only with the skill sets mastered but with visual rewards through our certificates and trophies designed to promote their advancements, provide encouragement and continue their engagement through retention. Our flashcards give you the opportunity to track the success of your students. Get updates on the progress of your students anytime by logging in or choose the updates to be sent to you at your convenience.


How Bits of Knowledge Works


Every time your child completes a flashcard set or maters a topic, they earn awards and can print our achievement certificates. Not only do they earn awards, for every flashcard set completed they help donate flashcards to other children across the world!


Progress Tracking

You can easily track your child's progress. You can see what levels they have completed as well as receive weekly progress reports. Not only does this provide you with visibility into your child's progress, it helps you provide encouragement and spark discussion.

Progress Reports

Learning By Level

With flashcards for newborn through 8th grade and subjects from math and science to social studies and history, children are exposed to a wide variety of material suited to their level. All the while, ensuring students know all the concepts of Common Core Standards


Early Learning Tools

Children learn through games and our tools make it easy for you to be successful! You can make a huge difference in your child’s life. Interactive learning is proven to have successful results. Encourage your child to make connections with the words, pictures, and concepts. Choose flashcards sets that interest your child and let them choose sets. Keep it fun and let your child determine the timeframe. Younger ones have a shorter attention span. Our site is an effective platform where students are able to guide their learning with our unique digital flashcard system. Bits of Knowledge can be accessed at home, school and on the go with Internet connection. A membership with us can guarantee a fun, engaging learning experience. Allow us to be the focus of one of your small group centers!

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