April 20, 2018
Screen Time Can Be OK

Positive Effects of Screen Time

We’re always hearing warnings about the negative effects of screen time on young minds. It’s going to give our children anxiety, make them obese, enhance ADHD, deprive them of sleep, and lead to a number of other daunting detrimental side effects. The naysayers make it difficult to acknowledge any positives that come from allowing and encouraging screen time for kids but there are certainly positives. What are a few of these positives you ask?

The Learning!

Screen time can be and often is educational! There are so many apps, videos, and even games that your child can learn from. This includes our interactive and online eLearning Flashcards which allow kids to explore a wide variety of subjects at their own pace and earn awards! If parents and/or teachers can work together to find something that their students can engage in, students will not only become invested in the activity because it is fun, they will also benefit from the learning that takes place.

The Social Aspect!

It is undoubtedly better if screen time is spent with someone rather than the child being on the screen by themselves. If you can watch a movie, show, or play a game with your child, he or she is receiving a positive social experience.

The Bonding!

How often does one get to “team up” with his or her own child? Not very often for most of us. What better way to bond than over a game where you are both united? Not only can this type of bonding help your relationship with your child grow, it can also be quite a blast.

If they’re not playing with you, but playing with their friends instead, still bonding! There are lots of ways to bond, no denying that, but watching a movie or television show with some besties can foster some great connections.

The Brain!

A pair of researchers at the University of Rochester in New York found that people who play video games are better able to process visual information and better attuned to their surroundings while performing certain tasks. Impressive right?

Does this mean we should glue our kids to screens all the time?


But, we should also not be too quick to discount the ways that some screen time can actually help our kids develop. As parents and teachers, it important to guide them to appropriate online content and put in place boundaries. But, we should also be involved with them and their screen time activities and encourage some online eLearning and some good old social bonding!