July 23, 2019
Summer Isn’t Over Yet:

25 Ways to Enjoy the Last Days of Summer

Summer Isn’t Over Yet, here are 25 ways to make the most of the time you have fefore school starts.  Nothing good lasts forever and it might seem to you like summer is ending almost as quickly as it began. If a return to school-based schedules seems just around the corner, never fear. There is still time to enjoy being together and make summer memories with your kids. Our list of 25 late-summer activities can help.

  1. Make time to get to a drive-in movie theatre
  2. Go to the pool after dinner, stick around until after dark
  3. Make picnics a priority
  4. Find a restaurant with a great summer view. Sit outside when you eat there.
  5. Have a nighttime star-viewing session and identify constellations that are only available in the late summer.
  6. Make homemade ice cream
  7. Take your family out for a hike
  8. If you’re near a beach, hold a sandcastle creating contest
  9. Find an orchard or a farm and enjoy some fruit picking
  10. Invite friends to a barbeque
  11. Create some cooling summer desserts
  12. Head off on a spur of the moment road trip/day trip
  13. Book some time at a new campground
  14. Finally get to a baseball game or other outdoor sporting event
  15. If your kids like to fish, find a new place to go to
  16. Spend time at your favorite outdoor park
  17. Create a scavenger hunt hike where kids can look for things that are only available in late summer
  18. Host one, last outdoor barbeque and pull out all the stops. Include lots of friends, games, and summer-themed snacks you don’t always have.
  19. If you don’t have time for a full barbeque, make time for one, last outdoor firepit session complete with s’mores and ghost stories
  20. As school gets closer, host a home-spa night for kids to help them get ready and remind them how important it is to de-stress.
  21. Host one last school-night sleepover.
  22. Make a summer scrapbook with pictures taken since the end of school.
  23. If kids would rather, make a movie or an electronic slideshow version of a scrapbook.
  24. Older kids may want to write a short story that’s a fictional accounting of their summer experiences
  25. Take one of these activities and use them to make an end of summer tradition

LAST DAY OF SUMMER BONUS: On the last day before school starts host a round of Skit-tells, a great game for wrapping up kids’ entire summer experience. To play, grab a bag of skittles (or M&M’s if your kids like those better) and designate each color as one type of experience you can talk about. Put the skittles in a dark bag and have members of the group take turns pulling a single skittle out of the bag and then talking about the experience related to that color. Examples of experiences tied to colors can be: Red – talking about something fun you did that summer, Yellow – talking about a place you visited, Orange – talking about what you did to cool off on a hot day.