May 18, 2018
Learning Opportunities While on Summer Vacation

Summer Learning Ideas

When kids are done with school and headed full-steam toward summer vacation, the last thing on their minds is more learning or more schoolwork. But if you’re a teacher, you know the struggle of kids coming back from summer vacay seemingly having forgotten everything they learned! Keeping students’ minds working over the summer can be difficult, but it doesn’t have to feel like an endless uphill battle. That is where something like our online flashcards can really help keep them going and engaged. But, if you’re willing to get creative, you’ll find there are plenty of exciting and engaging summer learning ideas you can use to help keep young minds actively learning all summer long without even realizing it.


Reading is a great way to keep your kid engaged over the summer. It keeps their mind active and helps build more robust comprehension skills. Whether it’s in a group setting at your local library or with your neighborhood kids or on their own, the skills built through a love of reading are extremely helpful in their learning long-term. If motivation is the trouble, try having your kids form their own book club. They can assign chapters certain due dates and meet up to discuss what’s going on in the book to help hold each other accountable. Everyone interprets things differently, so they might learn something new or uncover a previously unknown view of the novel from a peer. Maybe your kiddo is interested in acting – try having them perform scenes from the book to bring it to life!

Science Experiments

Summer is all about that nice weather, so learning activities that get them outside and enjoying it is a must! Looking at nature and seeing all the different plants and animals in your own backyard provides a great opportunity to learn about wildlife and the science behind it. Children could track the weather, learn the names of trees, or see a caterpillar becoming a butterfly. Taking science experiments outside can be a great idea, too –you don’t have to sweat the mess and they still get to have a blast while learning something new. Try creating a fake volcano and making it erupt in the backyard while explaining what makes a volcano react that way, or creating slime and talking about the different states of being substances can exist as.


Baking or cooking can be a fun summer activity that helps your little one brush up on math as you go. Choose a recipe and decide to either double or halve the ingredients – let your kid do the math to figure out what new measurements they need to make a successful dish. This is also an opportunity to teach them how to substitute one measurement for another (as all moms know, a valuable life skill that comes in handy years later when you can’t find a tablespoon measure to save your life!)

Visit a Please Touch Museum

Interactive museums where children are allowed to explore the different concepts through touch and play are a great way to get some extra learning in during the summer. This level of interactivity greatly increases the students’ ability to retain the information they learn and lets them develop an understanding that learning and play can go hand in hand.

No matter what you have planned this summer, there are always opportunities for additional learning and instilling that lifelong love of learning that serves children well not only when the school year rolls around again, but for years to come.

Download our Summer Learning Ideas and Schedule

We know that parents need ideas to keep summer learning going in the summer. So, we have created a quick guide with ideas and a schedule you can use as a guide. Download our guide here – we hope that will help you keep your kid progress through the summer and ready to go for the fall.