June 21, 2018
Keeping Kids Learning in the Summer

Summer Learning Tips

Trying to motivate your student to keep learning can be difficult during the summer months. They’re ready to lay around and goof off, not worry about more homework! But kids are also drawn to fun summer activities, which means if you’re willing to get a little creative, you can sneak some learning into their “freedom” months. This includes our eLearning Flashcards, where your student can explore thousands of topics, no-hassle, and stress-free!

Pick Something That They Are Interested In

Getting your kiddo to learn is all about incorporating things they’re already into. If your child loves sports, you could try to come up with a game that gets them moving, but also includes some math skills, like adding up the different things they’re doing. Card games are another great way to incorporate math skills and are perfect for a thunderstormy afternoon.

Float or Sink

Summertime often means beach and/or pool time, and that gives you an opportunity to bring some science into the mix. Find different objects and ask them if they think the object will sink or float. Drop the object, and have them consider why it did or didn’t float.

Road Trip Games

Summer is prime road trip time. While you’re on the road, having fun, educational games on tap can help the miles fly by even faster and sneak in some learning while you’re at it. See who can add up the numbers of a license plate the fastest. As you pass license plates with different states, see who can name the most state capitals – the first to get 10 wins!

Read the Signs

There are other ways to work on reading and comprehension skills beyond just pre-bedtime books. See if there are any fun programs going on at your local library that your kiddo might be interested in getting involved with, or have them read signs while you’re out and about during the day. Once they’ve got the words down, test them on what those signs might mean and why they are where they are. Getting that contextual awareness will take them far not only when the school year rolls around again, but in life, too!

Download our Summer Learning Tips and Schedule

Fun learning experiences are all around you during the summer. Get creative with what you are doing day to day and your child will feel prepared for the new school year without even realizing it! And, if you need more ideas to keep kids learning and engaged during the summer, download our free guide here!