online learning flash cards for teachers


Providing teachers with a turnkey elearning solution to advance knowledge one flashcard at a time.


OPPORTUNITY TO ENGAGE WITH YOUR STUDENTS –  These online flash cards are an ideal way for teachers to have a hands on learning tool at their fingertips to share flashcards with their learners and help their students master skills and celebrate their successes.  You can customize your students learning to match school based topics and help students master concepts through repetition of card sets.  Allow us to be the focus of one of your small group centers!


CREATE A CLASSROOM REWARDS SYSTEM – Teachers reward students for their time!  Teachers are conveniently given the statistics to show which students are accelerating and have the opportunity to reward students for their time spent on flashcards.

enline learning for kids

SUCCESS IS AROUND EVERY CORNER –  Students stay engaged as they are rewarded for their success.  Whether the reward is for time spent or concepts mastered, our concept is designed to engage students in their own success for learning.  Students walk away not only with the skill sets mastered but with visual rewards through our certificates and trophies designed to promote their advancements, provide encouragement and continue their engagement through retention.


RESULTS BASED LEARNING –  Our flashcards give you the opportunity to track the success of your students. Get updates on the progress of your students anytime by logging in or choose the updates to be sent to you at your convenience.

“Elearning flashcards helped me to nurture my student’s full potential and teach them to learn concepts that will advance them”.  Teacher Suzie, Colorado